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Guardians faction taps Lim, Trillanes

Posted by 1GANAP/GUARDIANS on September 18, 2009 at 12:55 AM

AMILITARY-BASED group formerly associated with Sen. Gregorio Honasan hastapped two detained officers as national advisers but it said this hasnothing to do with any plan to overthrow the government.

TheGuardians Nationalist of the Philippines said Sen. Antonio Trillanesand Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim posses "impeccable character to lead withmoral authority."

Trillanes,a former Navy lieutenant, was one of the leaders of the Oakwood mutinyof July 2003. Lim, former commander of the Army Scout Rangers, isundergoing court martial with other officers for an alleged plot tooverthrow the Arroyo government in February 2006.

The two also figured in the November 2007 standoff at the Manila Peninsula in Makati City.

TheGuardians Nationalist of the Philippines (GANAP) is headed by retiredbanker Ernesto Macahiya, who used to be with Honasan’s PhilippineGuardians Brotherhood Association (PGBI).

Both were linked to the Oakwood mutiny and later cleared.

Macahiyaand other leaders bolted from the PGBI last year because of differenceswith Honasan. They formed GANAP which now has about 12,000 members.

Macahiyasaid Trillanes and Lim have the "essential leadership qualities tosteer us towards our vision" and have "consistently displayed uncommonvalor and patriotism in the face of extremely difficult situations."

"Letit be understood that the (appointments)...is not in any mannerconnected with any attempt to overthrow the present government," hesaid.

Hesaid the tapping of Trillanes and Lim could unite all Guardians units"into one solid and cohesive Guardians organization."

There are now about 24 Guardians factions.

Macahiyarejected the suggestion that tapping Trillanes and Lim would give riseto controversy, as he said this group gives premium to two things –"commitment to principled, meaningful change in both government andsociety, and providing members of the brotherhood direct, realbenefits, to make the brotherhood more meaningful and real."

He said the PGBI, since it was founded in 2000, has failed to achieve these two objectives. – Victor Reyes