1GANAP – NEC 004-2010



DATE        : FEBRUARY 24, 2010


1.    It has come to my attention that certain groups led by some unscrupulous leaders of 1GANAP/GUARDIANS who want to illegally grab power by  way of sowing intrigues and animosity within the general membership, are at present initiating a signature campaign with the evil motive of ousting from their respective positions the duly mandated/elected officers of the 1GANAP National Executive Council (NEC) more particularly the National Chairman/President, the Executive Vice-President and the National Secretary.

2.    These deceitful leaders are fully armed with fabricated documents to maliciously discredit, if not, wickedly malign the good reputation of the aforesaid NEC officers making it appear that the NEC officers have culpably violated the 1GANAP By-Laws. Said documents contain unverified violations and/or complaints, all stacked-up against the specific NEC officers to the detriment and prejudice of the NEC officers concerned.

3.    Alleged violations or complaints, if any, being attributed to the NEC officers were never presented in a proper forum, nor were they discussed at a proper venue for the conduct of any inquiry or investigation. Neither was it submitted or elevated to the proper body for final resolution.

4.    By virtue of the aforesaid lapses, the NEC officers were subjected to trial by publicity, thus, depriving them of their constitutional rights to due process and were prevented to confront their alleged accusers and to defend their integrity in any committee or board of inquiry created for that purpose. It has grossly violated the individual rights and liberties of the officers as members of 1GANAP/GUARDIANS in the exercise of their democratic rights and privileges.

5.    As a result of this black propaganda campaign, the NEC officers became mere objects of insults, ridicule and criticisms by the members who are not aware of the tyrannical and unjust wielding of authority by the power hungry and mischievous 1 GANAP leaders whose only intent is to persecute the duly mandated authorities.

6.    The signature campaign for the ouster of the incumbent NEC officers initiated by these despotic key leaders is politically motivated. It is obviously aimed at destabilizing the organization by confusing the members so as to derail whatever milestones the organization may have achieved as a whole.

7.    Moreover, our organization operates through democratic principles. We adhere to the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines its laws, regulations, and ordinances promulgated by the duly constituted authorities. Simply stated, any officer or member of the organization, subject to a complaint or under investigation, must be made to undergo the legal process and is entitled to the equal protection of the 1GANAP Constitution and By-Laws.

8.    Let this be a stern warning, therefore, to all 1GANAP/GUARDIANS officers and members who would affix their respective signatures in the destabilization plot of these misdirected and unprincipled leaders who want to grab power by force or by other unimaginable means for their personal gain and interest; their malicious and horrid actions shall be dealt with the full force of the 1GANAP Constitution and By-Laws.

9.    Anyone found guilty of plotting against the organization’s duly mandated authorities by sowing intrigues and animosity, through misrepresentation and usurpation of authority, issuance of fake documents and false statements that tend to create divisiveness among the members, which is tantamount to DISLOYALTY to the organization, shall be recommended for EXPULSION from the 1GANAP general membership.

10.    For widest dissemination to all concerned.

National Chairman/President


Secretary General