Section 1.    An applicant, upon filing of an official application form duly endorsed by a bona fide member shall be eligible for membership, provided he/she shall have passed the organization’s screening and testing procedures.

    Section 2.    Qualifications for Membership.

a.    Must be a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines;

b.    Must be, at least, 21 years of age from the time of membership;

c.    Must be of good moral character and of good standing in the community;

d.    Must be physically and mentally fit;

e.    Must not be convicted of any crime; and

f.    Any member of the Guardians, regardless of faction.

    Section 3.    Stages of Membership.

a.    Application. Stage where the applicant’s application is forwarded to the Screening Committee for proper evaluation and approval;

b.    Background Investigation. Stage where the applicant is required to submit a Police Clearance from his/her place of residence and is subjected to a background check to ensure that he/she will not eventually be a liability to the organization;

c.    Presentation of Applicant. Stage where the applicant is formally presented to the general membership to determine the acceptability of the applicant or the absence of any justified objection from the group.

d.    Indoctrination. Stage where the applicant is required to attend an Orientation Seminar on the basic principles, objectives and ideals of the organization; and

e.    Final Acceptance. Stage where the applicant is compelled to undergo a series of physical exertion activities and other activities relative to the preservation of the organization’s customs and traditions.

Section 4.    Rights of Members.

A member shall have the following rights:

    a)    To exercise the right to vote on all matters relating to the affairs of the organization;

    b)    To be eligible to occupy an elective or appointive office;

    c)    To participate in all deliberations or meetings of the organization;
    d)    To avail of the facilities of the organization; and

    e)    To examine all records or books of the organization during business hours.

    Section 5.    Duties and Responsibilities of Members.

A member shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

    a)    To obey and comply with the By-Laws, rules and regulations that may be promulgated by the organization from time to time;

    b)    To pay membership dues and other assessments of the organization;

    c)    To attend all meetings of the chapter and to actively participate in all activities which may be conducted, held or initiated by the officers of his chapter.

    Section 6.    Additional Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of Members.

The organization may promulgate rules providing for additional rights, duties and responsibilities of members in order to achieve the objectives and goals of the organization as ordained in this By-Laws.

    Section 7.    Classes of Members.

The members of the organization shall be classified as follows:

    a)    Founder (F) – A senior member of the organization coming from the rank of Ranking MAGIC Group (RMG), in the case of MAGIC Groups (MG), and Godfather (GF) and Godmother (GM), in the case of uniformed personnel, with at least five (5) years of active membership of good standing and who has established or organized at least two (2) local chapters. He stands as the symbolic head of the organized local chapter and shall supervise all initiation rites within his/her chapter;

    b)    Supreme Godfather (SGF) / Supreme Godmother (SGM) – An active regular or reserve commissioned officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP);

    c)    Ranking MAGIC Group (RMG) – Equivalent in rank as the Supreme Godfather (SGF) / Supreme Godmother (SGM), is a selected civilian member who is a degree holder or a professional holding a Professional Regulatory Commission card;

d)    Senior MAGIC Group (SMG) – A respected leader of the community who has rendered exemplary performance and with at least three (3) years active membership coming from the ranks of the MAGIC Group;

    e)    MAGIC Group (MG) – A civilian member with an educational attainment of at least high school education or those possessed of special skills and technical know how who are willing to render services to the organization. The word “MAGIC” is an acronym which stands for:

            M    -    Moderate
            A    -    Advocator
            G    -    Gentlemen
            I    -    Ingenuous
            C    -    Competent
    f)    Godfather (GF) / Godmother (GM) – A non-commissioned officer of the AFP/PNP/BFP/BJMP with an equivalent rank of Duty Sergeant to Master Sergeant;

    g)    The promotion to the ranks of Founder (F), Supreme Godfather/Godmother (SGF/SGM), Ranking MAGIC Group (RMG), Senior MAGIC Group (SGM), Godfather/Godmother (GF/GM) shall be subject to the approval of the Regional Promotion Board and upon recommendation of the local chapter or any committee created for the purpose.

    Section 8.    Markings of Members.

All members must undergo marking or tattooing not for decorative purposes but to signify their lifelong and total commitment to the organization and for all that it stands for. It symbolizes both privileges and responsibilities aside from serving as an identifying mark. It likewise serves the purpose of discouraging those who are not ready to give their full acceptance, dedication or sincerity to the organization.

    a)    General Markings

        MG    -    represents the MAGIC Group
        B    -    (Blue) represents the Philippine Army
        A    -    (Air) represents the Philippine Air Force
        N    -    (Navy) represents the Philippine Navy
        G    -    (Gold) represents the PNP, BFP, and BJMP
        M    -    (Maroon) represents the Marines

    b)    Special Markings

        F        -    represents the Founder
        SGF/SGM    -    represents the Supremo/Suprema
                    (Supreme Godfather/Godmother)
        RMG        -    represents the Ranking MAGIC Group
        SMG        -    represents the Senior Magic Group
        GF/GM    -    represents the Godfather/Godmother

    c)    All members shall be correspondingly marked by a tattoo in the superior area between the thumb and the point finger of the right hand with letters particularly described above;

    d)    The “GUARDIANS” mark including the Pseudonym, year of admission and the letters “M” for Mindanao, “V” for Visayas, and “L” for Luzon shall be made permanently by appropriate tattoos on the lateral extremity of the upper right arm just below the shoulder. The design of the shoulder tattoo shall be as follows:

(Year of recognition)
        R        I
    A              A
  U                  N
G     (L/V/M)       S

    e)    The letter markings “GM” stands for Mindanao, “GV” stands for Visayas, and “GL” stands for Luzon tattooed on the superior area between the thumb and the point finger of the left hand to easily identify areas of membership.

    f)    Pseudonym – When one is finally admitted as a member of the organization, he shall assume a name by which he is known and addressed by his fellow members and make him closer with his fellow GUARDIANS.

    Section 9.    Change of Status of Members.

In case of change of status, the member concerned shall be marked with the appropriate tattoo in line with the original mark for all promotions except promotions to FOUNDER where the mark shall be on top of the original mark to reflect his present status.

Section 10.    Handshakes and Embrace.

Handshake and embrace signify respect, love, unity, solidarity and concern for one another.

    Section 11.    Disregard of Rank, Position, Unit or Branch of Service.

In the organization, there is no obstacle to an open, free and honest interaction among members. As far as the goals of the organization are concerned and for the purpose of achieving cohesion, all members shall disregard their ranks, occupation, position or unit or branch of services. Thus, irrespective of whether one is a government official, an employee, a professional or with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or PNP, BJMP, BFP, he is simply a GUARDIANS. However, to maintain proper decorum in all activities of the organization, Supremo (SGF/SGM), Founder, RMG, MG, Founder, and Godfather/Godmother shall be recognized.

    Section 12.    Oath of Allegiance.

A legitimate member of the organization shall sign a uniform Oath of Allegiance or “Panunumpa” duly approved by the National Leadership.

    Section 13.    Code of Conduct.

The National Leadership shall come up with a Code of Conduct for uniform adoption of the members of the organization.